Price: No Free Market in Gold ~ Constant State Intervention

Hugo Salinas Price

A logical analysis of daily action in the NY gold market reveals constant intervention by the US/British banking Mafia, to drive the price of gold down: a free-market price of gold would have the undesireable consequence of revealing the worthlessness of the US Dollar, which cannot be allowed to happen, as the US Dollar underpins the worth of the currencies of the rest of the World.

In an authentic free market, most buyers of gold want to obtain as much gold as possible, in exchange for the currency they tender in payment. Therefore, most rises in the price of gold take place slowly; however, some buyers of gold wish to obtain as much gold as possible, at any price and as soon as possible, and this causes swift, nearly vertical rises in the price of gold as registered on the graphs.

NOTE: Due to the insanity of the Morgana website throughout this week, we chose to publish the entirety of this column on one of our other sites. We are now fully (?) up and operational once more and we apologize for the inconvenience. ~ Ed. (Continue to Mr. Price’s complete analogy…)

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