Price: The Coming Gold Rush

I follow the price of gold by looking at the gold graph presented daily by

The commentary section of Kitco is mostly made up of inane comments regarding the evolution of the price of gold. Clearly, Kitco is deathly afraid of posting any realistic appraisal of the movements in gold’s price.

Actually, there is no reason at all to read Kitco’s comments, for the gold graphs speak all too clearly of what is going on: the price of gold is under strict control by The Powers That Be, because a surging price of gold would announce the imminent collapse of the value of the US Dollar.

The clue to understanding the present artificiality of the price of gold, lies in the simple consideration of the meaning of what is plain before our eyes.

The recorded price of gold does rise vertically, from time to time, as investors hasten to purchase gold at the lowest possible price.

But there is a daily anomaly: the price of gold regularly falls nearly vertically in value, either in one great step down, on in a series of vertical smaller steps.

Why is this an anomaly? The reason for considering vertical falls in the price of gold as an anomaly – i.e. something unnatural – is that true market sellers of gold invariably want to obtain as many dollars for their gold, as possible, and therefore, market sellers will always sell their gold slowly, in order to obtain the greatest amount of dollars for their gold. True holders of gold, who wish to obtain the greatest possible quantity of dollars for their gold, sell slowly, and never dump their gold in as short a time-frame as possible.

Dumping the possession of gold in such haste, crashes its price – something that true sellers of gold would never, ever do.

Therefore, it is quite evident that the seller of gold that crashes the price down in a vertical fashion, cannot be interested in maximizing the amount of dollars which he obtains through the such an operation.

Such a seller can only be a government or group of governments who are fighting a rising price of gold, in order to defend the value of their fiat currency or group of fiat currencies, for a rising price of gold announces a failing fiat currency.

Very naturally Kitco’s commentators do not tell us this, for if they did, it would mark the hasty disappearance of Kitco.

We have highlighted the suspicious drastic falls in the price of gold in the following graphs (from December 22 2020, to January 18, 2021).

At the present time, it is clear that there is only a minimal interest in owning gold, on the part of the mass of investors, who are focused on maximizing their ownership of Dollars, or Euros, or Pounds, etc.

Price, Hugo Salinas

However, when the King of Fiat – the Dollar – suffers a sudden loss of value in terms of other currencies, or evinces a persistent tendency to fall in value, at some point, it will dawn upon investors that owning Dollars (and other fiat currencies) is a losing proposition, and they will rush, in mass, to acquire whatever they can of the yellow metal. Official selling to break the price will, at best, only slow down its rise and present a momentary opportunity for panicked investors, to acquire some gold – far less than they might have acquired, had they not been so blind to the danger.

At this point, the price of gold will be rising by hundreds of Dollars an hour.

After the dust settles on this episode of World History – that will be another story.

Written by Hugo Salinas Price for In This Age of Plenty ~ January 19, 2021

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