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raw-copperCopper, the world’’s oldest traded money metal is making a strong comeback and may soon again be traded as it once was  – for things that you need to pay for…

Copper Bullion, coins and copper rounds are rapidly increasing their appeal as an investment, and is quickly becoming the choice of “preppers” everywhere, as they are looking for small value, barter-able ounces of specie..

Although copper is more commonly known as an industrial metal, Sierra Madre Precious Metals has seen a steady increase in demand for copper as an investment. We offer privately minted copper coins, rounds, and bars. Call Kettle Moraine, Ltd. at (602) 799-8214 to add copper bullion to your investment portfolio.

In a short time many will gladly take copper bullion for payment instead of questionably valued US dollar bills

With gold and silver being so expensive, copper is now becoming the working man’’s silver.

~ The Real Price of Copper Bullion ~
saint_cpr_obsCopper, listed as a commodity price, currently (05.16.13) is about $3.27 per pound.

Prospective clients looking to invest in some copper bullion bars or rounds often see this price and then get confused or even angry when they discover that they cannot actually buy a pound, 100 or even 1000 pounds for a small fee over the commodity listed price.

Investing in copper direct from a mine would be like trying to store barrels of crude in in your back yard. Neither make sense.

Copper Bullion is much more than base refined copper. In order for copper to be recognized as Copper Bullion, it must be extra refined, milled, rolled and stamped. You then have a basic Copper Bullion bar. Coining into rounds requires even more work.

At Sierra Madre Precious Metals, we will endeavor to clear up the mystery of why copper bullion is priced in relation to spot copper. Please pay attention, as this small amount of information might make you a large amount of money – or just insure that you can put some food on your table during times of economic upheaval.

The biggest thing to know is that spot per pound price is a quote that copper manufacturing facilities pay copper mines for a 2.3 metric ton bundle of copper cathodes.

~ What? What is a Cathode? ~
A cathode is typically a 280 pound sheet of copper with a 99.99 purity. Without going into an engineering and mining dissertation, just know that cathodes are the end result of the process of copper mining. What started out as a piece of mountainside is now high grade copper cathode, ready for manufacturing, coin making, etc.

Hopefully, you now understand that your coin shop or bullion vendor selling copper bullion bars or rounds is not doubling their money on you.

~ COPPER – The Forgotten Precious Metal ~
Peace_obvsThere’s no denying that, given the choice, nearly everyone prefers gold and silver. Both are valuable, easily liquidated and mystical…but are they really worth today’s overbought prices?

Copper is the forgotten precious metal and the only one that keeps economies humming. Copper is the worlds oldest traded money metal and lately being referred to as “the new silver.” Over the centuries, copper has been used as a stable form of wealth. Pure copper to (not so) pure bronze has a long history of coinage and still remains popular in countries that do not have a stable paper money system!… (That seems to be a a catchy theme.)

It turns out that copper stores longer than, corn or pork bellies and is far more stable than oil. The fact is, commodities are notoriously unstable, yet copper has always been there to smooth out the rough spots.

Now, let’s get back to YOU owning some copper for protection against unraveling currency possibilities, especially the DOLLAR…

With most copper being made into wire, you might think that buying up a bunch of fine bare No.1 grade copper wire is a good idea… – It is NOT! As of today, the price of copper wire from an electrical supply company works out to be over $17 per pound and smaller amounts from, say Home Depot will run you over $22 per pound. That makes a poor copper investment for 2 reasons. First, the price is too high; second, wire not being assayed is hard to cash out except at the scrap yard and they are paying less than fair market price.

Morg_cpr_obvsMany experts estimate that at current levels of mine production, we will run out of newly mined copper in 24 years yet, here we are with gyrating gold and silver prices, a nearly depression economy, continued threats to officially weaken the dollar’s credit rating – and China – with all of their renminbi – buying up all of the copper mines and stockpiles that they can get their claws on. While speculators chase the more popular metals, China has quietly amassed somewhere between (based on numerous reports) 39% and 72% of the world’s copper production and stock levels. It has also been reported (unconfirmed as of this post) that, many of the biggest  banks have also been  acquiring as much copper as they can.

(But don’’t worry about the USA strategic copper stockpile – the US dumped all holdings by 1994 and currently holds ZERO copper).

incuse_indian_copper_rounds_webFor the amount of a single ounce of gold, you can buy about 422 delivered POUNDS of pure copper bullion. Gold could possibly double in price, but copper is posed to explode by 10 to 50 times its current price. NOW is the right time to buy fine copper bullion bars and rounds from Sierra Madre Precious Metals.

So, don’t let the billionaires be the only ones to own real money. Get some .999 fine copper bullion bars and rounds today from Sierra Madre Precious Metals.

We invite you to call Kettle Moraine, Ltd to discuss our current copper offerings at 602 – 799 – 8214 (OOPS – please don’t call between 8:00 p.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern time – we’ll be on the air.) You can learn more about our daily program, The Edge, (here.)

StG_FE-obvs_smallThe good news is that you do not have to be rich to cash in this opportunity to own .999 fine copper bullion bars and rounds.

We have various copper rounds in stock for immediate delivery, and gladly accept payment via personal checks, money orders and wire transfers… so let us get the ball rolling…

“Take that copper!” ~ James Cagney, Angels With Dirty Faces, Dir. Michael Curtiz; Warner Bros, 1938

Call us… you’ll be glad that you did.

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StandingLibertyObvNote: Due to market volatility, prices are subject to change. In the event of a shortage of offered product, Kettle Moraine, Ltd./Sierra Madre Precious Metals retains the right to substitute coins of exact weight and specifications with coins of equal or greater value. (Not applicable to silver purchases.

We believe strongly in privacy, and thus, your information will never be shared with any third parties. With the exception of any laws requiring us to report sales of bullion to the US Government or by court order.

~ Terms ~
All orders are final, non-refundable and non-exchangable.

NOTE: Images shown are illustrative only. They are not displayed to scale. The appearance of actual coins will vary by grade. If you have questions please contact Kettle Moraine, Ltd./Sierra Madre Precious Metals at 602 – 799 – 8214.

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