The KML-IRA Difference

In late 1990, after nearly 32 years of having been a precious metals fanatic and coin collector, I discovered that I could gear my many years of customer service, and translate it into a career, which over three decades later is still going strong.

Early on, I discovered a little-known service, which few – even to this day are familiar with: The ability to consult with clients, who are today, so very concerned with a faltering economy and dwindling returns, if not massive losses in IRAs, 401ks and other pension and retirement plans.

After working with several precious metals firms, I developed, what I knew was the only way to represent prospective customers – and this was something, which I had done my entire professional career – act as a consultant, caring more for their individual needs, than worrying about how much I might make off of the transaction.

Having dealt with Gold Star Trust Company and its predecessor, American Church Trust Co. since 1991, has given me a unique perspective of the Golden IRA program, which no other company has realized – true customer service – not lip service – is what makes a business grow.

The largest percentage of precious metals firms dealing with this type of investment vehicle, are so-called, “rare coin” firms. Their specialty-in-trade is to coerce the unsuspecting into investing a large percentage of their money into grossly over-priced historical, collectible coins, which usually are not rare at all – just overpriced. Although Kettle Moraine, Ltd., conducts business for many individuals, who wish to take possession of precious metals for investment or financial security purposes, it is treated as a separate entity from that which we address within the confines of this web-site. This is one of the reasons we are above the rest. I am very dedicated to assisting people, who for one reason or another, now feel compelled to address their long forgotten – but quickly dwindling retirement accounts. Most “rare-coin” firms provide a page or two to their precious metals web-sites, and if they happen to pick up a caller or two, that’s ok with them – just a little extra gravy in their coffers.

The Golden IRA now constitutes a large percentage of the business we conduct on an annual basis, and I believe that it is because of our commitment to you – our clientele.

The majority of firms offering this product or similar ones, do not have a staff, who are well versed in precious metals IRA’s. Few understand the nuances, and therefore, will either guide you to a website and tell you to fill out the paperwork and name “them” (the precious metals dealer) as the chosen broker representative, thereby hoping to get a little icing off the cake. The alternative is, that the “broker” will have his company ship you a generic IRA application package, and expect you to fill in the blank spaces. Well, let’s see how this works…

  • The average client may not know the difference from a “rollover” to a “direct rollover” to a transfer.
  • You might have a traditional IRA, or a Simple IRA. What’s the difference?
  • Two types of IRAs require proprietary forms, neither of which are completely available on-line, and in many cases through many of the so-called “brokerage” houses.
  • The representative of “Rare Coin Company ‘A'” usually tells the prospective client to “call the Trust Company” if you have difficulty filling out the forms.

All of the above examples lead to a lengthy, and albeit rough conversion, for something that should not be that difficult. In many instances, the customer either goes elsewhere or gives up the idea of protecting what is left in their IRA altogether. Over the years, I have been privileged to step in and assist many of those poor souls, who, due to complete and total frustration – were ready to give up and walk away from this marvelous alternative to the Wall Street crowd.

In March of 2009, we were able to assist a client with a special need for his family, to convert to a Precious Metals IRA, which 25 months later he liquidated for over three times his original investment. We began at $105,000 in silver, and when all was complete, the sale was executed for over $322,000. The client exceeded his original goal.

What YOU should expect from Kettle Moraine, Ltd.:

  • KML will spend what ever time is necessary to review your present IRA, 401k, 503b or Roth plan with you.
  • KML will assist you with the preparation of all of your needed documents, which you will need to conduct a timely and smooth conversion to your new Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA – The Golden IRA.

In February 2009, KML completed a Traditional IRA Rollover within ten days from the day the client first phoned us. We can’t always guarantee that kind of rapid service, however if she had gone to one of the “other guys” – she may well have been hanging out to dry for three weeks or longer.

Once your properly prepared package arrives at Gold Star Trust, you can be assured that the process will go quite smoothly and rarely – if ever – will there be a need to go back and forth for weeks sorting out problem areas – because there usually aren’t any.

NOTE: Yes, once and a while – we make mistakes too. We accept our errors and move forward, with as little disruption to your daily life as possible. We make it right – no excuses – no finger pointing.

  • KML will also counsel you on other vehicles, which Gold Star Trust Co. may have available for you (even though we are unable to provide you with the specific services and products).
  • KML will carefully assist you in determining what the right products are for your Golden IRA, in addition to the proper mix of precious metals for a balanced portfolio.
  • KML will remain in contact to explain your first statement received from Gold Star Trust (and subsequent statements, if needed).
  • KML will continue to advise you regarding the position of your Golden IRA, and how it is being affected by other economic factors, and may in fact suggest a pull-back in metals holding, when the time arrives.
  • KML will continue to assist each year, as you need to make further contributions to your IRA for each respective tax year.

It is a mistake that many make, once a precious metals IRA account has been established, the owner never looks at it again, and yet, it should be treated like any other IRA.

KML will endeavor to send you a letter at he beginning of each new calendar year, addressing market conditions, which may have affected your Golden IRA during the previous year, and expectations for the New Year.

When the time comes to dissolve your account or take distribution from The Golden IRA – KML will be here to assist its customers.

Throughout our history, KML has assisted many of our clients in dissolving their rather large Golden IRA’s and taking physical delivery of the assets – for which Kettle Moraine, Ltd. did not receive – nor ask for – a single penny of compensation. These services have continued through 2020.

These are just some of the many services we offer, which set us apart from the crowd. In an industry, whose broker staff turns over by the thousands each year – can you afford to trust you precious retirement years to someone who was changing tires or tending bar just the week before?

Stick with a professional, who understands the precious metals markets and can provide you with the BEST advice.

After all – it’s YOUR money!

~ A Trusted Relationship ~
Within The Golden IRA web-site, we have a page dedicated to GoldStar Trust Co. The sub-headline is, as with this section of this page – a Trusted Relationship.

In the third quarter of 2008 and once again in early 2009, two specific honors were extended to Kettle Moraine, Ltd. by GST, each of which – once again set us apart from the crowd.

With the tremendous product shortages in precious metals, which began in late spring of 2008, many suppliers were reluctant to deliver product into the precious metals IRA depositories, due primarily to extended payment time.

Due to our history with Gold Star and the professionalism, which we apply to attending to your business, we have been able to facilitate a more rapid delivery to the secure-depository utilized by GST, which has made our suppliers quite happy, and therefore, they are more than happy to deal with this program in a timely fashion.

In September of 2008, because of this new program (for which KML was chosen to pilot), we were able to arrange for delivery into several Golden IRA accounts, nearly 25,000 ounces of silver combined – within 24 hours after placing the order with our supplier. In September of 2008 – there were few companies in the United States, who could deliver 250 ounces, and even then – were taking orders, promising twelve to sixteen week delivery.

In February of 2009, the second honor was bestowed upon Kettle Moraine Ltd., when we were awarded, what constitutes Master Dealer status (which only two other precious metals dealers in the nation had ever received up until that time) through the Precious Metals Self-Directed IRA program from Gold Star Trust Co. This newly placed confidence with Gold Star Trust Co., allowed Kettle Moraine, Ltd. the privilege of offering you the storage facilities of two prestigious precious metals depositories (one at the time in New York), and that of DDSC, which is located in Wilmington, Delaware. For those, having expressed concern about potential future terrorist activity in New York City – this was truly a blessing. As of 2019, several other storage facilities became available which made it more geographically more beneficial to some of our clients BUT – when it came to the decision that a client chose to liquidate their IRA – it became more costly, hence we prefer to stay with the facilities of DDSC – for YOUR benefit.

For our existing Golden IRA clients, this was welcome news, and Gold Star Trust Co. moved all of our client’s IRA assets to the Wilmington facility, with no cost to the client for the move of their assets. Additional facilities are available today (September 2017), which can expand your safety, accessibility and safety.

This is the Kettle Moraine difference.

Can you afford to wait any longer?

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I am looking forward to serving you…

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