BRICS is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. They are countries that want to free themselves from the dollar-based US hegemony.

The dollar may be the ‘world’s reserve currency,’ but chains are made to be broken. The BRICS countries want trade to be more free and fair. They do not wish to be yoked to a slave currency based on debt.

The money masters behind our debt currency, the US dollar, are able to counterfeit as much of it as they like in order to further their wealth and power. Citizens are required to pay it all back with interest, which ultimately we cannot do without counterfeiting ourselves and if we tried, we’d be tossed in prison. Even worse… banks are allowed to engage in fractional reserve banking, which means they can loan out money many times what they have on deposit. When their loans and ‘investments’ go bad and they’re on the edge of collapse, those in charge start threatening contagion and economic disaster. The Federal Reserve then steps in to bail out the failed banks. Their managers even get bonuses! This happens over and over again. The bankers enjoy privatized profits while their losses are socialized. This is not capitalism! The powerless citizens (seen as suckers by bankers) are forced to pick up the tab by means of inflation and a devalued currency.

The US dollar was once based on commodities—gold, silver, and copper. It was constitutional money and since the birth of the nation the dollar was more or less stable and held its value all the way up to the Civil War. Then Lincoln decided to print up ‘fiat’ greenback currency to pay for war debt. Even though he tried to keep the printing commensurate with war production, the value of the dollar went down nearly 50 percent. Peacetime prosperity enabled the dollar to bounce back, but when the Federal Reserve was created, it began to quickly lose value. Since 1913, the dollar has lost 98 percent of its purchasing power.

The globalists, who like to call themselves ‘the elite’ have grown fabulously rich and powerful as they stripped US citizens of their hard-earned labor by means of onerous income taxes. Their purchased politicians stripped us of our rights and liberties and sent many generations of young people to die in their wars designed to bring about world government, which they cynically call ‘our democracy.’

It’s no wonder the BRICS nations are rebelling. They want to use their own stable currency—one based on commodities. China has been dumping US Treasuries in favor of gold. Putin has created a gold-based Ruble. The US should rebel too by ending the Federal Reserve, ending fractional reserve banking, and return to commodity based currency. The latter seems like a pipe dream at this point. The globalist bankers seem bent on destroying, then controlling the smaller banks through means of raising rates to fight the inflation they created. There can’t be a strong economy with inflation, and inflation cannot be conquered without much higher interest rates. Either inflation dies or the dollar dies. The money masters may have chosen the latter. They want to replace the dollar with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). They greatly desire software money designed to control a global population. The money masters will gain exponentially more power and control because it will come with a Chinese-style system of social credit control. Dissent will be punished instantly and ruthlessly. Castro’s son, Justin Trudeau, already did this in Canada when he ordered the trucker protestors’ bank accounts shut down. China may be buying gold, but the citizens there will not see a particle of that—their subjugation will be rendered complete should China move to a completely digital currency.

It remains to be seen if all the BRICS countries will implement a commodity-based currency for trade while avoiding such a parallel digital currency, but one thing they have in common is a marked distaste for the global dominance being meted out by the US at the behest of globalist tyrants. Mexico floated the idea of joining BRICS, and they were immediately threatened by military action by some in Congress. They talked about going after Mexico’s drug cartels. Still, the US can’t crush all those wishing to free themselves from the debt dollar. Saudi Arabia and Iran are considering joining BRICS. Even Turkey! These countries are not like Libya and will be far more difficult to crush.

The US needs to abandon global empire, close its borders, end the wars, end the Fed, end the IRS, enact term limits to prevent a corrupt Congress, and return sound money and constitutional rights to We The People.

Ben Garrison
March 14, 2023

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