If you are serious about putting precious metals in your Individual Retirement Account, and you have seen all of those expensive high-powered adds on your Cable television – then you won’t want to miss this page.

There are MAJOR pitfalls in in this program, that most companies offering this program will not warn you about – and in fact may entrap you with – which could cost you hundreds of ounces of metal.

These kinds of IRA’s are NOT for (so-called) collector’s coins – no matter what you are being told. If you just want to give your money away – go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, where you’ll at least get free drinks and some eye-candy!

We are going to warn you and educate you, so that even if you should choose not to use our services – you will not be taken to the cleaners, after all – we’re talking about YOUR money – not ours – not theirs – but YOURS.

As was said to Indiana Jones by the Knight Templar – “Choose wisely!”

We will help you do so!

For a complete listing of the recommended and eligible precious metals products for your Golden IRA, see IRA Eligible Products > > > .

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